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The Disneyland app can help you find what, when, and where characters appear - in both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

After starting the app, tap the "map pin" icon, with is the second from the left on the row at the bottom. Then click the triangle next to Attractions and choose Characters  .   At the top you see Filter at the left (see below) and Show List on the right.
map view list view

map view

In the map view, Mickey head symbols mark locations where characters may be met.  Tapping a Mickey head symbol will bring up one or more character names.

If you tapped one particular icon ("Near Edelweiss Snacks"), you would see the next image. It looks like the three characters are meeting guests as a group, but this is not the case. Tapping "Alice" would bring up this screen.  Note the times. Going back to the second screen shown and tapping "Captain Hook" would result in this being displayed.   The times are different than seen before, so the characters can't be meeting together. Alice & The Mad Hatter always meet guests together.  The times shown above are identical to those seen in the Alice image.

To use the filtering function, tap Filter at the top left. With the map view, it is of limited use.

You can choose which park, but you can do much the same filtering by scrolling through the map on your phone's display. If you tapped "More options" in the previous screen, you would see the Disney hotels and Downtown Disney District. Characters may appear in the hotels (apparently most likely in the Disneyland Hotel), but I saw the same results - none - no matter which I chose. [Tap "Done" after selecting a location.] This exact same wording appeared for each of the four non-park locations in the "Filter" screen.

list view

Since guests are interested in meeting particular characters, the list view will generally be more useful than the map view.  When looking for princesses, note that the "Princess" title is not used for most of the Disney Princesses.  You may also see the text "Disney Princesses" in the list view.   This label is used only for the meet 'n greets that take place in the Royal Hall (part of Fantasy Faire).

Anna, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Elena, Moana, and Pocahontas are also
listed without the "Princess" title.  Elsa is not listed as a "Queen".  

When a particular character will appear at more than one place during the day, it is listed as seen below.

The blue triangles indicate that the characters will meet guests in more than one location.   Above, "Pocahontas" was tapped, which resulted in the two locations being displayed. Tapping the second location brought up this screen.

All character names are displayed individually in the list view.  This may be confusing to those who do not know that some characters always appear together (if both are present in either park). Such pairs include Aladdin & Princess Jasmine, Anna & Elsa, Kristoff & Olaf, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, Alice & The Mad Hatter, Bert & Mary Poppins, and Chip & Dale.

There is nothing explicitly false here, but the fact that "Alice" appears by herself may be misleading. Whenever both characters of a pair are present, they are together for their meet 'n greet sessions

character appearance times ("sets")

A single meet 'n greet session of a character (or two or even three) is referred to as a "set" by Disney cast members.  Characters generally appear "onstage" in several sets per day.

Elena is shown here as appearing in two 45-minute sets, followed by one 30-minute set.  The lengths of these three sets are in the normal range.  The opening and closing times can therefore be understood as displayed.
No character would meet visitors for a period of only 5 minutes.  This seems to be Disney's way of indicating that the meet 'n greet line will close quickly, so those who want to see the character(s) should arrive at or soon after a set's scheduled start time.
There are 5 sets, each lasting just 15 minutes long, displayed here.  The duration of each of these appearances is too short to be correct.  Dr. Facilier does not attract large number of guests to his meet 'n greet sessions, so the meaning of these end times is unclear.
Sometimes the app displays informaton that appears nonsensical.  In this particular case, perhaps Woody could be seen in 4 sets, with start times of 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:25 PM.

app issues and limitations

Several minutes after the conclusion of the first two peformances of both Tangled and Beauty and the Beast* in the Royal Theatre, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and Belle often meet those audience members who have remained in the theater.  Inside the entrance of Disneyland Park, visitors may see a princess or other character in the morning or afternoon.  None of these meet 'n greet opportunities is listed in the app.  

Belle and [occasionally] some "fuzzy" Wonderland characters roam about Fantasyland, but can't be found in the Characters feature of the app.

Redd seems to appear fairly regularly in New Orleans Square, but has never been seen in the app.

You may also see a couple of "unlisted" stormtroopers in Tomorrowland.

I have also personally seen meet 'n greet sets involving a character that was seen in the app, but occurring before any such session was listed.

Occasionally, a problem that occurs when first going to the Characters feature, in that not all of the characters present are listed.
You may need to go away from the screen you are viewing and return - so that all that all characters that should be displayed are seen.

All of the information about character appearances probably won't be listed in the app very early in the day, so it's advisable to check later on to see if hours have changed, new meet 'n greet sessions have been added, or - unfortunately - that a character previously listed is no longer scheduled to appear.

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map view list view character appearance times
app issues and limitations