Disneyland Park : Character Locations

Here is a visual guide to character meet 'n greet locations in Disneyland Park.

I've included those characters that I believe you would have a reasonable chance of meeting on any particular day and placed them where you would most likely see them.
The numbered locations in the map are named and/or described in [brackets]
Some names of locations or characters are in "quotation marks".  This means that the official name used by Disney may not be the one visitors know best.
An ampersand (&) is placed between two character names to signify that they appear together.  In Town Square, MIckey and Minnie greet guests both singly and as a pair.

  1. [main entrance - right side as you face the train station] usually one (at a time) of several princesses; Aladdin and Cruella de Vil have also been seen here
  2. [Town Square] Mickey Mouse [,&] Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale, Cruella de Vil
  3. [Fantasy Faire - outside - "Courtyard"] Aladdin & Jasmine, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider
  4. [Fantasy Faire - Royal Hall] Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White
  5. [Pixie Hollow] Tinker Bell, Fawn, Rosetta
  6. [Tomorrowland - roaming] stormtrooopers
  7. [Star Wars Launch Bay] Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren
  8. [Snow White's wishing well] Aurora, "The Queen" (Grimhilde, Evil / Snow Queen)
  9. [Fantasyland - various locations / roaming] Alice & "The Mad Hatter", Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Bert & Mary Poppins, Fairy Godmother, "The Queen" (Grimhilde, Evil / Snow Queen)
  10. [Toontown] Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy
  11. [Critter Country - across from Splash Mountain entrance - "Pooh's thotful spot"] Santa Claus
  12. [New Orleans Square - various / roaming] Dr. Facilier, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tiana
  13. ["Frontierland Landing" / Mark Twain / near Petrified Tree] Tiana, Pocahontas
  14. [Frontierland - Big Thunder Trail / "Falls"] Pocahontas, Woody
  15. no characters currently meeting at this location
  16. [Adventureland - to the right of Aladdin's Oasis] Moana
  17. [Royal Theatre] Belle or Rapunzel & Flynn Rider; not guaranteed and only for audience members of the first two performances of either play who remain inside after the show is over
  18. [Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island] Captain Jack Sparrow
  19. [New Orleans Square - 21 Royal Street] Jack Skellington & Sally

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