Disneyland Resort - Buena Park bus transportation

There are three major attractions (Knott's Berry Farm, Medieval Times, and Pirate's Dinner Adventure*) in Buena Park.
*The Cirque Magique and Teatro Martini performances take place in the same building.
Knott's Soak City
water park is open seasonally.
The most inexpensive way to travel between the Disneyland Resort and Buena Park by is taking the Metro 460 bus.
A bus schedule as a PDF file may be obtained here.
Metro customer information may be reached at 1-323-GO-METRO (1-323-466-3876).
Buses headed from Disneyland display "Downtown LA" in their destination signs.
The fare between Anaheim and Buena Park is $1.75 - if you took line 460 to/from Downtown Los Angeles, the fare would be $3.25 .
Purple numbers identify stops for Metro's Nextrip service, which can give you the bus' estimated arrival time at the stop.

[There is an alternative bus route - Anaheim Resort Transportation line 18 - but it is not recommended,
 since it costs more, runs less frequently, has been repored to be unreliable, and takes longer to travel between Disneyland and Buena Park.]

bus stop "A"     Nextrip stop # is 16944

pedestrian path "B" into Disneyland

pedestrian path "B" out of Disneyland

bus stop "E"     Nextrip stop # is 13000131

bus stop "F"     Nextrip stop # is 16925

bus stop "I"

bus stop "X" / "C"    Nextrip stop # is 8958

bus stop "*" / "D"    Nextrip stop # is 28500

bus stop "A"   Nextrip stop # is 8961

bus stop "B"    Nextrip stop # is 376